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 + ​Article contentsunion beach, new jersey - authorities indicate that a man from new jersey used his neighbor'​s router network to load and transfer child pornography. The monmouth county prosecutor'​s office sought to keep henry ciceral in custody pending trial. However, on wednesday, a judge ruled that a 59-year-old man from union beach should instead be kept under house arrest. We apologize, however, such a course of videos could not be uploaded. Try updating your browser or  click here to view other videos from our company. Authorities:​ the man used the neighbor'​s transmitting devices to get the entrance to the child porn back on video The prosecutor'​s office says that cicerale installed a router in his neighbor'​s apartment, and in the end used it for authorization,​ [[https://​​|brazzers porn]] upload and distribute child porn. According to them, hundreds of raw materials with child pornography have been found on his gadgets and other digital media to date. Cicerale faces two charges of child endangerment for alleged long-term possession and publication of child pornography,​ and also for possession of weapons. He could face up to 25 years in prison if he is found guilty of any charges. It was not known on thursday whether cicerale had hired a lawyer. Advertising 2 Advertising This ad has loaded so far, but your article continues below. The content of the article Share this article on your personal social network
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