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-as for set muscle mass-chemical compoundsaccelerating production protein inside the cells of the body and leading to enhanced growth of muscle mass. In bodybuilding steroids used as dopingincreasing regeneration and increasing tirelessness athlete. In its pharmacological effect sports pharmacology similar to testosteroneexcept that much more powerful his. If Express easier: anabolics introduce body in process, resembling puberty youth. While AC impact ​the body in General. Takefor example, turinabol. Back in 1960 GDR invented a number effective anabolics, among which and drug oral-turinabolInventors described ​it as combined version with mitigated anabolic impact ​and low frequency side effects, without ​the effect ​of suspension of excretion water in body trainee. It is a delayed acting steroid. throughout reception means weightstrength indicators and figure musculature developing very slowly, however evaluation users obtained results better. +
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