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Choose a month (ora quarter, if you don't have many transactions) and for that month, record cash in and cash out – actual payments you receive and make. Now, run the numbers again, but this time list invoice amounts and cash sales (but not payments on invoices), and list the invoices that you have received from ylur vendors and cash puchases yoou made. Do they hae good references? You won't get a good picture of your company if the paint (data) is stored in boxes in the basement. Their engines need something with a bit more kick – something with good combustion characteristics and a high freezing point. As your late-model 4K camera goes about capturing richer images at higher data rates, yiur NLE workstation must rise to the occasion too, expanding throughput, ffering zippier connections like Thunderbolt and faster if not more capacious storage like SSDs or RAIDs. Recording the transactions and information is called bookkeeping, and it must be done regularly.

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