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The Power Truck is a compact way of providing and storing energy without having to litter the landscape with nodes. On top of reducing It is also highly mobile and allows for rapid deployment of energy infrastructure whereever you are currently working.

Power Rover

If the truck has not yet been unlocked, a rover wagon can instead be used for energy storage. The following components are needed:

Power Rover: Bill of Materials
The Rover base 4 Compound
A Vehicle Storage platform 4 Compound
Four batteries 8 Lithium
One Small Battery 1 Lithium
Total: 8 Compound, 9 Lithium

Once you have installed the big batteries on the storage platform, place the small battery at the back connector. You then have to connect the rover to another rover or a truck and drive it to a position where you can connect it to your base grid.

Simple Power Truck, Front.
Simple Power Truck, Front.

Simple Power Truck

For a simple yet powerful power truck that doesn't need towing, you need the following components:

Power Truck: Bill of Materials
The Truck base 4 Aluminum
1 1-Seat 2 Compound
1 Vehicle Storage platform 4 Compound
4 batteries 8 Lithium
2 Big Solar Panels 4 Compound
Total: 4 Aluminum, 10 Compound, 8 Lithium

Place one battery on the vehicle connector at the backside of the vehicle, one battery beside the 1-seat driving cabin, and the remaining batteries and solar panels on the vehicle storage platform. You can also replace the solar panels with another two batteries. Make sure that the front connector remains free.

Now drive your power truck to your base and find a node where you can easily park your truck. Make sure that you see the blue node connector outline before you leave the vehicle.

Walk over to the connector outline and click it to connect your truck to your base.

Simple Power Truck, Front.
Park close enough to a node to see the blue connector outline.
The truck is now connected to the energy infrastructure of your base.

Power Wagon

A fully stocked power wagon can equip a total of nine big batteries, including one battery at the back connector, will provide enough power to run a medium-sized based with several Fuel Condensers through the night on most planets.

Power Wagon: Bill of Materials
The Truck base 4 Aluminum
2 Vehicle Storage platform 8 Compound
9 batteries 18 Lithium
Total: 4 Aluminum, 8 Compound, 18 Lithium
Power Wagon, Side.
Power Wagon, Front.

Wind Truck

Wind energy may be less reliable than solar panels - and more expensive to craft, as well - but its capability to provide power during the night can supplement the energy infrastructure of a busy base. All three Wind Vanes can spin freely on the high base of the truck, and the driver seat allows for rapid redeployment around the base in order to find a good breeze. Since the back connector is positioned too low for another vane, it holds a battery instead.

Wind Truck: Bill of Materials
The Wind Truck.
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